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Charlies Auto Machine is a full service auto machine shop. In 2008 our shop moved into a new state of the art facility where our focus is to turn out the best and highest quality product. We are one of the most diverse companies in the business. We work with the largest variety of engines, everything from fully boosted motors, diesels, agricultural, nitrous motors, high compression setups, imports, to your daily drivers. Our number one focus is to make sure the customer is satisfied.

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Charlies Auto machine has a team of machinist that strive for the best quality work and results for the customer.  We have won numerous awards for our engines and placed 1st at the hunters auto expo with best engine in 2010.  We have three machinists in the shop.  One of our team members focuses mainly on block work. with him focusing mainly with block work,  He understands the extreme pressure and stresses blocks go through with such tight tolerances.  The other machinist focuses his efforts on head work.

 Charlies Auto Machining Charlies Auto Machining

He focuses on the surface texture with the (ra) scale (which is how smooth or rough the head surface is), with this knowledge he can match the head with the correct gasket.  Also, the valve job is another essential part of ensuring the head has the proper flow, sealing, spring pressure, seat pressure, combustion chamber size, and the angles on the seats are all to spec.  Charlie over sees and checks the quality of everything before it goes out the door to make sure that you are getting the quality you ask of us.


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