Charlie learned so much about vehicles at an early age. Charlie went to his dad one Sunday after church and said he wanted to build and old truck to drive through high school and sure enough, there was one just right down the street from his parents house. Charlie and his father went and looked at the truck and parts. Little did his mother know, but the pile of rusty truck parts and cab were coming back home with them.  Charlie and his father worked on this truck for the next 3 years.  He was in middle schools when he started tearing into this project. He knew by the age of 15 he was going to build and design vehicle the rest of his life.  His talent shows in so many different way through each build. This 1954 Ford F100 is where it all started for Charlie. The cab needed alot of work, inner and outer cab corners, rocker panels, cowl patch panels, new fenders, bed kit, rear fenders. Once the new parts started showing up Charlie started figuring out the most efficient way to assemble the truck. Once the whole truck was mocked up, Charlie and his father picked out the yellow to matched charlies out going personality. He taught him self the basics of how to paint, body work, wiring and mechanics. Through the years of building this truck. Charlie had people give him pointers and help when they could. Charlie now has a team that builds cutting edge builds.